Why Prince Louis was so mischievous during the Jubilee Pageant

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If, after last week’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, little Prince Louis has become your new favorite royal, then you’re not alone. Like us, the nation tuned into their TVs to mark the Queen’s 70-year reign, and whilst the focus was supposed to be on Her Majesty, it was four-year-old Prince Louis who stole the limelight with his cheeky shenanigans and hilarious facial phrases.

ICYMI, the youngest Cambridge child kicked off his weekend of attention-grabbing during Thursday’s Trooping the Color ceremony, with his funny faces leaving very little to the imagination. Fast forward to Sunday and not much had changed, as Prince Louis practically ran rings around his mum, Kate Middleton, during the Jubilee Pageant – although she and Prince William thankfully made light of the situation on social media.

Now, fellow royal (and former rugby player) Mike Tindall – who is married to Prince Willam’s cousin, Zara Tindall – has revealed why Prince Louis was so “mischievous” during the Jubilee Pageant.

why prince louis was so

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Speaking on The Good, The Bad and The Rugby podcast, Mike – who was sat directly behind Louis and Kate during the Pageant, and therefore had a front row seat to the toddler’s, err, performance – said that the little royal’s behavior could be down to being on a sugar high. Yep, parents across the globe can probably (read: definitely) relate.

As the podcast’s hosts noted that the “kids were the stars of the show”, Mike replied: “Louis, he was just wanting to have fun. And my two are always mischievous so it’s trying to keep a lid on. There were a lot of sweets out back though, so there was a real sugar high.”

And, unlike most parents who can pop their kid in a time out when things get sticky, Mike pointed out that keeping a handle on the royal children whilst being watched by millions across the globe isn’t easy. “It’s tough for them. They’re all young… it’s a long time,” he said, referencing how the children were expected to behave during the Jubilee festivities. “But as any parent knows, you just do whatever needs to be done.”

why prince louis was so

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During the Pageant, as Kate was subjected to a lot of tongue-poking from Louis, Mike was hilariously spotted giving the little royal an “I’m watching you” glance – although, it’s safe to say that the four-year-old was entirely unbothered.

Keep doing you, Louis!

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