New Garmin Edge 1040 Solar boasts a 100-hour battery

Today Garmin launched the Edge 1040 Solar and Edge 1040 cycling computers. This marks the first update since the Edge 1030 Plus two years ago. At that time, Garmin was bringing the Edge 1030 into line with the rest of the Edge lineup with the addition of the Plus moniker. Today’s announcement brings an update to the top-of-the-line slot in the Edge lineup and this time it leads the product category with new features and a new style.

The headline feature of the new 1040 model designation is the battery life. The Garmin Edge 1030 plus already easily outdistanced the competition but the new models extend that advantage even further with two options for the flagship model. The most affordable option is the Edge 1040 with expectations of 35 and 70 hours for standard and battery saver mode respectively.

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