5 Fan Theories That Were Right (& 5 That Were Totally Wrong)

Warning: This list contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

For months, Marvel fans have been speculating what could transpire in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness due to the high stakes of the multiverse that culminated in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Of course, discussing theories has become a big part of anticipating any MCU movie or TV show, especially since many fans wonder what these occurrences could mean for the MCU’s future post-Endgame.

Marvel fans delved into this rabbit hole, theorizing cameos, plotlines, and revelations that could be essential for progressing the MCU. Clues from the trailers, comics, and MCU projects have helped develop these predictions. Tea Multiverse of Madness has dropped in theaters, so let’s look back at the fan theories, some of which were spot on while others were way off.


Fan Theories That Were Right

Zombie Strange Is Defender Strange

Doctor Strange 2 Trailer Zombie Strange

Considering this film dives into the multiverse mayhem, variants of Doctor Strange and Wanda were imminent, and the trailers further imply this. One of the shocking visuals was Zombie Strange, but many fans noticed some resemblance of this variant to Defender Strange.

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This led to the theory that Defender Strange and Zombie Strange are the same beings. Reddit users like u/Rudrak_Pal and u/MysticAGV deduced that Defender Strange suffered an early death before transforming into Zombie Strange and supported this theory based on the clothing and ponytail. This prediction proved true as Defender Strange dies in the first act, and Doctor Strange-616 uses the Darkhold to reanimate a Zombie Strange to fight Wanda in Earth-616.

Wanda Is The Villain

wanda maximoff doctor strange 2 fortnite leak

The biggest speculation of Multiverse of Madness was the villain. The trailers never confirmed Doctor Strange’s next foe, although there have been some implications of villains like Karl Mordo or sinister Doctor Strange. Despite this ambiguity, many fans were convinced that the film’s villain was Wanda Maximoff/The Scarlet Witch.

Reddit user u/darrylthedudeWayne believed that Wanda was the villain to bring in elements from the “House of M” comic. Another user, u/Ryuugan80, also supports this claim working backward from moments in Wanda Vision to Age of Ultron to provide insight into her villainous arc due to her tragedy and grievance. However, some TV spots misdirected this notion, leaving some fans dubious about the theory. In the end, Wanda was the film’s main villain displaying her incredible prowess with her objective to find multiverse-empowered America Chavez to reunite with her twins.

Mister Fantastic & Black Bolt Are Illuminati Members

One sequence in the trailer hinted that Doctor Strange meets with the council team, Illuminati. Aside from the confirmation of Professor X, the remaining members were kept hush-hush. Therefore, Marvel fans like Twitter user Brad Stephenson analyzed the scene in question as a pressing matter of who are the remaining members.

Although the user predicted Namor marking his debut, which is incorrect, they mention Mister Fantastic and Black Bolt, which makes sense because they are original Illuminati members in the comics. Both appearances astonished the audience, especially John Krasinski, a top fan choice as Mister Fantastic. Furthermore, Anson Mount reprized his role of Black Bolt from the Inhuman series, and the user was spot on with these unexpected cameos. Unfortunately, both characters suffer brutal deaths in Multiverse of Madness.

Maria Rambeau Is The Captain Marvel Variant

Tea Multiverse of Madness trailers teased potential cameos, including members of the Illuminati. One intriguing sequence showed a blazing superhero who looked like Captain Marvel.

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Because the movie sets around a multiverse storyline, many fans believed that the figure was Captain Marvel but not the Carol Danvers version. Twitter user @houseofphoton was confident that Maria Rambeau was the Captain Marvel variant, and the images seemingly showed Lashana Lynch’s face as the powerful superhero. This theory implies that Maria Rambeau likely took on the mission with Wendy Lawson. Many Marvel fans were correct with this theory, thanks to the visuals from the trailers.

Wanda Obliterates The Illuminati

Wanda attacks in Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness.

Another major theory was that Wanda would kill the entire Illuminati. The trailer sequences show Wanda fighting against a glowing figure and Captain Carter, yet overcoming a powerful and angry Wanda Maximoff seemed difficult.

Reddit user u/rquinain goes into great detail about the Illuminati’s demise. The user outlines that Wanda obliterates the team to get closer to America Chavez or Strange and justifies this theory with the visuals of Illuminati members fighting her. Of course, this theory is precise as Wanda does kill almost all the Illuminati members (except for Mordo) to abduct Chavez to consume her multiverse powers.

Fan Theories That Were Wrong

Wong Dies

Benedict Wong as Wong in Doctor Strange 2

A-leading Multiverse of Madness theory was that Wong would die. The stakes were high, and many deaths were expected, with many like u/Octo_Kid234 believing that Wong’s would be the most symbolic. More importantly, Wong is still Sorcerer Supreme due to the technicality, so many fans like u/Ripley129 suspected that his death would reinstate Doctor Strange with the title since passing the torch requires one’s demise.

There were high-scale casualties, but Wong survived Wanda’s wrath. However, his survival may indicate his importance in the MCU more than previously thought. His appearance in Shang Chi may have hinted that Wong is integral to the MCU to explore the cosmic and mystical mysteries. Therefore, Wong will likely not die anytime soon.

The Mutants Arrive

Many fans hope that the X-Men will debut soon in the MCU, and the subtle appearance of Professor X added fire to speculations of the mutants’ arrival in the Multiverse of Madness. This mutant theory extends with cameos like Magneto or Storm showing up in the Multiverse of Madness.

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Most mutant theories revolved around Wanda due to events from the comics. Many fans like u/ElijahCookOfficial and u/Quiet_Effective7234 proposed that Wanda’s powers would provoke a reverse House of M storyline, so instead of eliminating mutants, her chaos magic triggers the mutant’s existence. Although Professor X does appear in the movie, unfortunately, the mutants as a whole do not appear nor are ever referenced. However, fans remain adamant that the X-Men will somehow join the MCU, but it is just a matter of when.

Quicksilver Returns

Most theories are related to surprise character appearances, which is reasonable since the movie is about the multiverse, so anything or anyone could happen. Therefore, many fans theorized that the film would be the perfect opportunity to bring back Wanda’s twin brother, Pietro Maximoff, aka Quicksilver, due to his early death in Age of Ultron. This popular theory is one of the oldest, including a three-year-old forum post by Reddit user u/Finally_Smiled that details his appearance.

Wanda Vision had played with this theory by introducing Evan Peters’ version rather than the MCU’s Aaron Taylor-Johnson. However, even the series pushed back on this theory by revealing the fraudulent Quicksilver as Ralph Bohner. Nevertheless, fans were hopeful Quicksilver would return somehow, and Multiverse of Madness could set up the perfect plot device. Unfortunately, neither Taylor-Johnson’s nor Evan Peters’ Quicksilver appeared in the movie.

Tom Cruise Plays Superior Iron Man

Marvel fans like Twitter user @ua_Corra surmised that one Illuminati member would be Superior Iron Man, played by Tom Cruise. An interesting bit about this theory is that Cruise was once shortlisted to play the genius billionaire before Robert Downey Jr. secured the role (and has been remarked as a perfect casting).

Nevertheless, a variant would be intriguing to present Cruise’s take on Iron Man. The visuals of Ultron guarding Doctor Strange alluded to the potential appearance of Superior Iron Man and heightened further speculation about this theory. Latest reports have shared that the writer Michael Waldron had planned to introduce Cruise as Superior Iron Man, but this cameo never transpired.

Clea Is A Christine Palmer Variant

One interesting theory was that a Christine Palmer variant would be Clea because the trailers indicated the character has a significant role. The theory is substantial by hinting at Doctor Strange’s love life while integrating the current conflict in the MCU.

A Christine variant does appear, but she is an expert in the multiverse. Furthermore, Clea, portrayed by Charlize Theron, is in the mid-credit scene to inform Doctor Strange of an incursion. Theorists, like @AwesomEmergency, were on the right track but inaccurately devised the implications of this theory.

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